Too Busy?


Multiple kids and full time jobs make party planning a stressful time when it should be something we enjoy. Let's get back to that! Let B&B BBQ Company take the stress out of the catering part of your party planning needs.

Picky Eaters?


No Problem! We have many options available on our catering menu.  If it's not on our menu, don't hesitate to ask.  We will kindly work to try and accommodate any of your special requests or needs.    

Meet the Team

Ryan & Jessica Backus


Ryan is the Chief Cook & Pitmaster.  He makes sure the smoke is rolling and your taste buds are satisfied.

Jessica keeps the team organized, on schedule and on task.  She is the face of the team whether at a competition or catering event.

Jim McInroy


Jim is new to B&B BBQ and the world of competitive BBQ.  He is assistant cook and is learning the in's and out's of competitive BBQ very quickly.

Justin Backus


Justin is the do it all kind of guy.  He will do whatever is needed to help the team succeed.  Whether it's trimming, injecting and seasoning meats, doing dishes or providing someone a cold beverage.

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