About Us

Welcome to Our Kitchen!


With over 10 years experience in KCBS Competition BBQ and Catering we have the knowledge of what people want in their BBQ.  Let us share our experience at your next family gathering or special event!

Food as a Bond


Food has a special ability to bring people together. We often find this in our own lives, and we hope you will find this as well while we cater for you during your special event.  Enjoy extra time with your guests while we handle the details of your day.  So kick back, relax and let's get cooking together!

What sets our cooking apart?


We have been cooking for a long time, and we have found that every event has different needs and we decided to separate ourselves from the others. Making sure that we source the finest quality meats, rubs, injections and sauces available and making sure that our ingredients remained 100% gluten & MSG free.